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Good Albums I Didn’t Review in October 2019

Since my output is limited to one review a week, there are obviously a lot of albums I listen to that never get reviewed. Some of those are quite good and I don’t want them to go unnoticed. So what I will try to do is put together a list of albums every month that I think are worth your attention. As these are all “Good” albums, they would receive a minimum score of 3.5 if I gave them a full review. Without further ado, here are some good albums I didn’t review in October 2019:


ANAMANAGUCHI – [USA] — After delaying the release of this album and then releasing a video game, (probably) the most well-known chiptune band have finally given us their third album. And it’s chock full of fast and dense chiptuney goodness. They have their thing and they do it well.


BIG THIEF – TWO HANDS — According to most other reviewers and publications, I have my Big Thief albums backwards. I actually prefer Two Hands to U.F.O.F. from earlier this year. I think the more focused and simplified compositions make for a better overall album.

Perpetual Novice

CAROLINE POLACHEK – PANGPang is Caroline Polachek’s first solo album released under her own name and her first release since the breakup of her previous band, Chairlift. This is a solid collection of synth-pop tunes with personal and emotional lyrics. Overall it’s just a solid album of well assembled songs.

Sub Pop

CLIPPING. – THERE EXISTED AN ADDICTION TO BLOOD — The experimental and industrial hip-hop powerhouse give us their take on horrorcore, fittingly released around the Halloween season. Rapper Daveed Diggs describes scenes of horror in rapid flows over the group’s atypical and noisy tracks. It’s a challenging but rewarding listen… if you can stomach it.

Late August

CODY JINKS – AFTER THE FIRE — Cody Jinks actually released two albums in October, on week apart from each other. Both are good, but I think After the Fire is the better of the two. Jinks is one of the best in the new generation of outlaw country artists. Last year’s Lifers was one of my favorites and he’s continuing his streak.


JIMMY EAT WORLD – SURVIVING — Jimmy Eat World got back on my radar after the surprisingly solid Integrity Blues came out in 2016. Surviving continues this trend with a fun and honestly pretty good collection of alt rock tracks. They’ve really found a way to survive in our post-emo world.


NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE – COLORADO — Neil Young has no reason to keep making music this good, but he does because he can. Now, this isn’t some groundbreaking work of rock and roll, but it’s better than you’d expect from an artist this late in their career. Crazy Horse are pretty tight on this album too.

Solid State

NORMA JEAN – ALL HAIL — Norma Jean is not only one of the few bands from the peak of “Christian Hardcore” that are still around, they’ve been incredibly consistent over all that time in terms of quality. All Hail is the latest offering of their unique brand of brutality and it does not disappoint.

Young God

SWANS – LEAVING MEANING. — It’s a Swans album, so it’s long and it gets weird. This one might not be as loud or oppressive as the ones that came before it, but it’s still impressive. What’s most impressive, and a sign of Michael Gira’s genius is how something so stark can hold your attention for over 90 minutes. Even the more repetitive tracks come across more hypnotic than annoying.


WILCO – ODE TO JOY –This new Wilco album is actually a pretty quiet affair. A lot of the instrumentation is drawn back to further emphasize the lyrics, which are some of the best they’ve written in awhile. Glimmers of hope peek through the seemingly bleak current events that are covered.

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